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Your Help is Needed to inspire and assist a person seeking examples of different careers to choose from. This is simply done by you submitting photographs of yourself at work.

Just by submitting:
– a portrait of yourself looking into the camera
– a photograph of yourself at work
– your job title
you will make a real difference in helping young people, that look just like you!

That’s it! No personal details are required. .

Please send your photos via:

online: or dropbox:
social networks messageLinkedIn or Facebook
post: ContributionUK 3rd Floor, 207 Regent Street, London W1B 3HH

Note: we’ll always need a minimum of two (x2) shots (head & shoulders & you at work doing your job).

If you have a head & shoulders / portrait photograph of yourself aged around 14-16 yrs old, please send that too. This will be of interest to users of that age.

All photographs must be full colour to specifications below:

1. Head & Shoulders / Portrait – should always have person looking into lens (at camera). This allows for viewer engagement with subject. No sunglasses or head covering.

Correct – Head and Shoulders, looking straight at camera
Incorrect – sitter should be facing square on and looking straight into camera

2. At Work – should show person in normal work clothes, at work, in work environment, and with work colleges were applicable. This is to show inclusion and reveal what that person dose for a career / job.

As with this image the main subject should be at the centre of the photo preferably interacting with workmates and not side-lined. (Photo:

Require further information / guidelines? email us at:
or call Gerald McLean on: 07719 76 1101.