Making the right career choice is one of life’s most challenging issues – even for focused students. Current career search resources are limited,  displaying information in an uninteresting way making the process laborious. It’s even worse if you’re contribution and worth is not recognised by employers.

So having achieved the grades, the greatest challenge becomes – choosing the right career and getting that job!

Let’s do something about it.

click here is an online cross-curriculum customisable archive application used by ContributionUK to achieve the remits of Ofsted’s equality, diversity and inclusion statement for EIF 2019; the Gatsby Benchmarks and TEF – for higher education institutes.  It utilises a dynamic method to assist young people in understanding equality and identify career paths. With an innovative set of tools as games, it helps anyone involved in the education and research process, whilst entertaining and empowering the user by demonstrating that ‘it can and has been done’, by someone the user can identify with. By accessing an archive of photographs of ‘Real People’ doing ‘Real Jobs’, it inspires the user to explore career paths that may have never been considered.

RAMPapp’s method is unique because the visual content is the prime motivator in the search and exploration process.

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The archive encourages active participation of people with African Heritages, including ‘Mixed Heritage’ in representing those people of the Commonwealth and wider world community.

Studies show many from these groups feel disconnected from current career services and so have the greatest need for such a resource. The project benefits because even though these groups when combined make up less than 14% of the UK’s population they tend to set national trends, which is encouraging interest, participation and uptake.

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“You see, when one makes a conscious decision to pursue a particular career, as opposed to falling into a job through circumstances or otherwise, the journey and quality of the outcome is greatly improved.”

Our archive content is also unique, because there are subjective links to video interviews, podcasts or articles by or about the person and their career, helping you find out; “how did they do it?“.

This may be different to the official route,
to get you, where you want to be.

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Photo: ContributionUK – See the National Theatre showing of Photographer Charlie Phillip’s exhibition ‘How Great Thou Art’.

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