About CUK

What is ContributionUK?

is an innovative Social Enterprise project to combat negative perceptions of people within the UK, by publishing their positive contribution. We’re making a change in furthering equality and support like-minded organisations.

Our driver

ultimate mission is to contribute to the creation of a society wherein the word ‘racist’ or some other reiteration or rebranding of the term racial bias is no longer needed. A world in which equality is the norm.

Teachers need resources so they can address challenge and change norms and power structures. Making schools better environments for everyone. (Photo: Justed_Kuva_Drupal).

Our aim is to:

  • combat racial discrimination against people, from within and external to their demographic.
  • facilitate good mental health and wellbeing.
  • exemplify positive socio-economic contributions made to the UK by its diverse population.
  • improve the employability, and reduce the number of children that get caught up in the numerous pitfalls of teenage life.
“More than 51% of boys in young offender institutions are from black or ethnic minority backgrounds – the highest-ever percentage, watchdog reveals”

Our objective is to:

  • reduce the number of adolescents that end up homeless or in the criminal system, whilst simultaneously improve the number of those in employment with clear career goals.
  • create a clear study of the economic size of ethnic groups, their influence and spending power in the UK.
  • generally alter racial perceptions, both externally and internally to their demographic and demonstrate those changing perceptions.
“…in addition to social supports and policies that give black men and boys the chance to learn and thrive, we need better ways to communicate diverse perspectives — that prompt empathy among wider, more diverse audiences.”

How did  come about?

Born from a desire to record and celebrate the immensely positive contribution of the Windrush Generation to the social, economic stability and growth of the UK.

But the question remained – how to present this to a younger generation of all ethnicities and set an example of good citizenship?

The key came through the development of RAMPapp.

How we achieve our aims and objectives?

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Link to ContributionUK online archive @ http://contributionuk.com utilizes a new and unique methodology of mixed media with the program click here Our archive of real people contributing to our society through the job choices they have made, thereby:

  • provide representative examples
  • assists educators achieve the Gatsby Benchmarks
  • assists schools with EIF 2019 (which enables Ofsted to fulfil the requirements of the Equality Act 2010, including the public sector equality duty (PSED) set out in section 149 of the Equality Act 2010)
  • assists higher education institutions achieve TEF
“…identity, self-regard and a sense of belonging, are key components to good mental health and emotional wellbeing…”

view our archive

view our archive

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