Image from ‘Grace in this place’ a photobook depicting the representation of daydreams and thoughts through photomontage. Using historic and current portrait photographs of ‘Grace’. Where ‘Grace’s” jottings of her thoughts act as the catalyst for the final montages.
This enamel pitcher washbasin bowl set and chair belongs to Grace Victoria Mary Burke-McLean. The chair was given to her as a child c1935 and is believed to be over 100 years old. the enamel pitcher washbasin bowl set was used by her also as a child.
Photos taken 10th November 2016.

Excerpt addressing the topic of identity by geraldmclean (The Photograph, Vanguard to Identity)

“…the table below is intended to simplify and demonstrate understanding of a framework leading to personal identity.”

  • National Identity: – country of birth.
  • Ethnic Identity: – tribal identifier determined by bloodline.
  • Cultural Identity: National culture – morality, laws, and conventions.
    • Ethnic culture – practiced conscripts directly pertaining to the tribal group.
  • Social Identity: Social group – group identifiers and behaviour.
    • Social values – cultural, ethnic, and national values.
  • Moral Identity: Moral values – social group (peers), ethnic (Family), national values and laws, social, cultural, ethnic, and national values
  • Individual Identity: – idiosyncrasies of all of the above, unique.

Therefore, given the complexities of the individual, can a person be described in terms of merely a colour?

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