Nothing Without You

Welcome to ‘s inaugural post and dipping of toes into uncertain waters.

Well it has been a long and challenging journey to this point, constantly working through the night to meet deadlines and keep the momentum at a productive pace.

We do however have to thank an army of people who have made all that has been achieved so far possible – in no particular order:

And everyone who has posed for, or sent in photos for use in the test version of the archive – too many to list here.

RIBA, Regent Street Cinema, University of Westminster and Costa Coffee for allowing us to meet on their premises, thus keeping the budget down and the coffee flowing.

To all those who have not been named, and the list is long…

And finally, a big thank you to Dr Peter Bonfield (Vice-Chancellor and president of the University of Westminster) for steering us towards the Creative Enterprise Centre at the University of Westminster.

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