Careers Feature – Dilip

By Gerald McLean

The name ‘Dilip’ derives from the Hindi language and depicts “a King, an ancestor of Rama”, other sources list it as “Protector”, having a deeply held yearning to serve humankind. His surname ‘Vakani’ (a Hindi family name) means “is connected to principles of awakening, vitality…”

Dilip Vakaniowns and runs ShivakemPharmacy, based at the intersection of North Wembley, Sudbury, and Northwick Park (Watford Road) since 25thMarch 1990, and he, his family, and business are now an integral part of the demographic of the ward.His company’s name ‘Shivakem’, is an amalgamation of three names. ‘Shiva’ a derivative of Sanskrit, is the ‘transformer’and one of the three principal deities depicting ‘Ishvara’ (God), the other two being Brahma and Vishnu. The import of the name Shiva is one who is “benign, kind, auspicious” and is “the Hindu god of destruction and restoration”, the very essence of pharmaceuticals. ‘Vak’ are the first three letters for Dilip’ssurname. ‘Kem’ a shortened version of the Swedish word ‘Kemist’ meaning chemist. The definitive etymology of the word Kemistis unclear but it is linked to alchemy and can be traced back to ancient Egyptian.

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